Smoke Alarm Testing

When was the last time you tested your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Do it today! Before testing, make sure to alert your home security company so they can place your system on “test mode.” Then hold down the test button on your carbon monoxide detector until you hear two beeps, then release the button. Repeat this process a second time until you hear 4 beeps. The alarm should then shortly exit the safety test mode and return to it’s regular setting. Your smoke alarm is even easier! Simply press the “test” button and wait to heard a loud, piercing siren that indicates the alarm is working.

Smoke Alarm Crisis Testing

A crisis test involves testing your detector with actual smoke, rather then simply testing just the batteries. We encourage you to have help in the immediate area if attempting a crisis test, just in case a flame needs putting out. To conduct a crisis test simply light a candle, incense stick or other material meant for burning. Once you have a steady smoke stream, hold the burning material 12 to 18 inches under your detector. Don’t get too close, as this could cause damage to the unit. Make sure the alarm goes off in every room if you have an interconnected system. 

You can also consider adding some Smart home technology to your family’s home! Smart smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors, as well as flood detectors, can raise an alarm on your phone when there’s a leak. Farmers Insurance even offers discounts to homeowners who have invested in protective equipment for their home! Click here to read more of our blog posts regarding home fire safety.