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Small Business Saturday 2019

Don’t forget to support our local businesses on Small Business Saturday! Shop Small and share the local businesses you love!


In the wake of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday helps boost support for our local companies. Small businesses make up over 99% of all registered business in the U.S.! Shopping small makes a BIG impact since locally spent money stays local. Starting a local business and shopping local are both ways to invest back into your community, instead of sending money away to some big name brand elsewhere. When a community contributes to the success of a local company, they can help provide for the community –  with jobs, goods, services, and neighborhood involvement!


Remember to visit and support your local brick and mortar stores and small mom and pop shops, not only on this special Saturday, but any time you can! Despite our big name, our agency is proud to be a locally-run business. We believe that local businesses are the backbone of the community. Our agency is proud to bring our knowledge to the Santa Clarita Valley and we love supporting local businesses! Tell us some of your favorites local stops in the SCV!


Insurance for Small Businesses

There’s a lot of considerations that go into small Business insurance! A Business Owners Policy (BOP) combines all the major property and liability coverage into one single policy! A single BOP can have more than 20 separate insurance components, which often makes it a cheaper option than individual policies. Keeping all of your coverage together in one place can also make everything easier for you as a business owner! We tailor your BOP to your individual business and industry, so you have the protection that you need. Check out our handy cheat sheets that shows industry-specific insurance options you might be interested in!


BOPs are great options for small- and medium-sized businesses! Carriers will usually take into account many things such as business size, any buildings, and the liability limits desired. It is also very important to remember that a BOP does not cover the business owner personally. You will still need to maintain your own, separate personal policies. You may also want to consider taking out a personal umbrella policy to protect your assets in the event that you are ever sued. Ensuring that your business has the proper coverage also means making sure your personal Auto, Home, and umbrella policies are up to date!