Holiday Home Security

Online shopping is a great convenience, but those packages on the front step can be an easy target for thieves. Consider having your holiday deliveries sent to your work address if no one will be home when they arrive. You homeowners insurance may cover stolen packages, but it’s subject to your deductible. Here are a few holiday home security tips to help you stay extra safe this holiday season:


Lights & Dogs

Most burglaries happen during weekday afternoons, when many people are away from home at work or running errands. Creating activity that makes it appear as if someone is home during the day may deter many thieves. Try leaving lights on, a vehicle in the driveway, or create noise that can be heard from outside the house. Nighttime theft can be deterred by installing motion-sensor lights and locking up tool sheds and outdoor items. Dogs may also seem like a deterrent, but a “Beware” sign or barking may not be enough to keep thieves away. Some dogs become scared when intruders confront or harm them, or are easily tamed with treats. However, large, noisy dogs can act as an alarm system and create a sense of fear that sends thieves away. Breed and training really determines whether a dog can act as a added layer of protection.

Fences & Landscaping

Trees, landscaping, and fencing can help your yard feel secure, but it can also provide cover for thieves. However, wall and fences only provide cover after they have been scaled. Making fencing difficult to climb over can be enough to thwart opportunistic burglars. Other obstacles, like locked gates and thorny shrubbery, can help deter unwanted guests. Also, consider replacing the screws on the hinges and strike plates of all exterior doors with 3.5 inch star-drive screws. This can help stop bold burglars who would go straight for your home entrances.

Alarms & Security Services

Seasoned burglars know police response times. Once an alarm sounds, they know just how much time they have to grab all that they can. Many thieves cut wires or know that neighbors may still may not report a sounding alarm. Funnily enough, the real benefit of an alarm is the yard sign and window decals! Burglars know that homes with those signs have the potential to create noise and alert the police. Through Farmers Insurance, you can access special discounts on ADT Command or LifeShield! You can choose between a video doorbell, indoor camera, or Echo Dot to be the backbone of your home security system. Additionally, you’ll get a three-year price lock guarantee and 10% of monitoring services. They’ll even help you to integrate your existing, compatible smart home devices!

Security is all about layers! Burglars are in a hurry, and anything that can slow them down can stop them. Adding high-security locks, safes, safety glass windows, and fortified doors would all be okay measures alone. However, layering all these simple home protections can be enough to send thieves down the street. Click here to learn more about our Home Safety discounts to help you save!