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Drunk Driving Prevention Month

December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. Did you know that 41% of all traffic crashes are alcohol related? Drunk driving can permanently affect you and anyone else on the roads, but the financial aftermath can also last for years! Even a simple speeding ticket can impact your insurance rates, so imagine the effect of a DUI or DWI…Remind those you love to be safe on the roads and always have a designated driver!


Winter Driving Safety Tips

Make sure you arrive safely to your destination this holiday season! Give yourself extra time and space while driving, especially if weather conditions aren’t the best. If you’re dealing with snow, it’s generally best to avoid using your breaks will driving up or down hills as your tires can easily lose traction. When going uphill, you may need to speed up slightly in order to give yourself enough momentum to get to the top.  Moving downhill can be much more difficult, and you may want to slow before you hit the crest. You want to avoid letting your vehicle pick up too much speed so you can safely coast back down the hill.


Ice, on the other hand, can be extremely hard to spot while on the road, especially “black ice.” Black ice is a very thin layer of ice with very few air bubbles, making it transparent. This can then cause the road to look simply wet, rather than icy. Black ice is most often found on roads close to bodies of water and overpasses, as moisture in the air freezes on the pavement. Additionally, sudden temperature drops can cause already wet roads to freeze very quickly. Try to avoid abrupt turns and acceleration/deceleration, which can cause you to lose traction. Generally, moving slowly and carefully is the name of the game when driving in ice. Click here to get car seat safety tips to make sure your little ones are also ready for the road!


It’s especially important to talk with any teens or other young drivers in your household about safety while on the road. Check out these teen driver safety tips and get more information on our You’re Essential to Safety (Y.E.S.) Program. Your teen could also qualify for a discount after completing the program and signing the safe driving agreement with you.