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Budget Tip

?Budget Tip! Know your insurance deductibles and keep this amount in your emergency savings so it’s always available if you need it. Call us if

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Discounts? We cover that too..

Depending on your policy, you may qualify for a discount when you put your premium on a monthly draft or pay in full. ☎️ Give

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Resolution time- Get in better shape!

Get in better shape…not at the gym but with your financial health. When writing your New Year’s resolutions this weekend make sure to schedule a

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Keep it up…we love all your referrals!

Thanks for all of your referrals in December (and all year long!) We appreciate you trusting us to help your friends with their insurance! Don’t

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We love reviews!

Can you help? If we’ve given you great service, will you take just a moment to leave a review on our Facebook page? We’d really

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Auto Rate Shock?

Avoid a auto rate shock or surprise when you buy a new or used car! Before you sign the papers on a new or used